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New Version of GT Cap Platen!
We left this current website up to support all the current GT users with the original GT Cap Platen. We did listen to our customers and they expressed their feedback that they wanted the cap platen to be a part of a multi-purpose platen. So that is why we came up with the T-Lock Platen. You can still purchase a complete Cap Platen kit without having to purchase the T-Lock Platen. It will come with the same metal base that the T-Lock Platen uses and will have the Cap Platen Insert. If you already have a T-Lock Platen, then you will only need the Cap Platen Insert - which comes at a lower cost.

To learn more about the T-Lock Cap Platen, click on this link -

Need Additional Information?

If you would like additional information on the GT Cap Platen, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions and Gallery pages of our website. You can also find the installation instructions and artwork templates from the Instructions page.